Khelraja Affiliate Program 2024

Each bookmaker and casino has its own advantages, thanks to which it becomes popular among players. Khelraja com is one of the popular sites for sports betting and gambling in India. The Khelraja affiliate program allows you to stimulate new players and is designed for traffic owners who want to increase their own income by attracting new customers.

Khelraja affiliate program allows you to earn money just by inviting users to the platform

What is Khelraja Affiliate?

In fact, a Khel raja affiliate is a form of cooperation between an affiliate and our company. In fact, the partner attracts new users to our site using their traffic channels. For this, we reward our partners financially. You can attract traffic using different sources: social network channels and communities and instant messengers, blogs, and so on.

The advertising agent distributes informational materials and adds a referral link or a personal promotional code that we provide to them. If with their help the user creates an account on our website and starts making predictions, the partner will receive his commission for this. At the start of the cooperation, the commission size will be fixed. All details can be found by registering and submitting an application for participation in the affiliate program.

Khelraja affiliate program is a great tool for passive income in India

How to Register for Khelraja Partnership?

To take part in our affiliate program, you need to scroll to the bottom of our main page on our official website and then:

  1. Click on “Affiliate”;
  2. Click on “Join Us”;
  3. Fill in all the required fields regarding your account: enter your password, full name as on the bank card, and your email address;
  4. Enter the verification code;
  5. Click on “Apply”.

Beforehand, you can consult with our employees regarding the conditions of participation in the program. You can contact us via mail or by the phone number specified in the “Affiliate” section. Registration is also available through the Khelraja app.

Registration in the Khelraja affiliate program takes several steps

Affiliate Program Rules

In order to take part in the affiliate program, you must have, for example, your own YouTube channel or blog on social networks.

The main rule for participation is a registration and attaching a referral link to traffic sources. We will then moderate your application and send you our decision by email.

After that, the Khelraja affiliate program is available for work: you can go to your personal account and upload advertising creatives. We offer attractive promotions for sports betting and separately for our online casino section, so the agent will be able to attract an audience with different interests. There are several advertising tools:

  • landings;
  • banners;
  • frame slots casino;
  • promo codes.

The Khelraja affiliate program has a few basic rules

Benefits of Khelraja Affiliate Program

There are many benefits for members of our Khel raja affiliate program:

  • Earning with Khelraja without investment;
  • Earning, which does not require sales, because you only need to attract a user to direct him to our page;
  • The Khelraja affiliate program gives you the opportunity to attract several active referrals to receive permanent passive income. When carrying out several active actions only once, in the future it is possible to receive constant additional income from your referrals, while simply adding interesting offers on your resources from time to time;
  • This an excellent opportunity to gain useful experience, skills, and knowledge about the gambling niche.

The Khelraja affiliate program has a number of benefits for users from India


Where to get Khelraja refferal link?

Where to get Khelraja refferal link?

After submitting an application in the “Affiliate” block and its approval, you will receive instructions for work and a referral link.

Is it free to become Khelraja partner?

Is it free to become Khelraja partner?

No financial investment is required to become one of the Khelraja Partners.

How much can I earn with Khelraja affiliate program?

How much can I earn with Khelraja affiliate program?

You will be able to earn 20% or more from each attracted user and his rate.