Khelraja Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming is a concept that provides for the correct behavior while on a gambling site. It also means that the player should, first of all, perceive everything that happens as ordinary entertainment, and only then – other goals.

Khelraja bookmaker company adheres to the principles of responsible gaming

Recognition of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling, or compulsive gambling, is an impulse disorder. An addicted gambler cannot control the urge to gamble, even if it negatively affects the gambler or his loved ones. The gambler plays, whether he is depressed or running out of money. He continues to play, regardless of the consequences. Even if he knows that luck is not on his side, and at the same time he cannot afford to lose.

There are a number of symptoms that indicate gambling addiction:

Unlike most gamblers who stop if they lose or set a limit for themselves, gamblers are forced to keep playing to get their money back. This cycle becomes more and more destructive over time.

Causes of gambling addiction

The main reasons why especially the younger generation begins to become overly fond of casinos and bets are low self-esteem, depression, and weak resistance to stress. When building relationships with loved ones and peers is not easy, young people are looking for a different environment where they would feel free and comfortable. It is the Internet environment that allows a teenager or preschooler to forget about pain and humiliation, and to throw out negative feelings.

An uncontrollable desire to constantly play on gadgets occurs most often among those who are lonely, deprived of the attention of loved ones, and feel like a loser. Gambling addiction often manifests itself in school and adolescence, where stress resistance, and independence are especially needed.

Gambling fans become because:

Responsible Gaming Rules

On gambling sites, Khelraja casino is no exception, first of all, you should enjoy your games and enjoy what is happening on the screen. As soon as you feel excessive emotions, it is advisable to just stop and cool down a bit.